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商品コード: inkhorn25
Name : Silvereye (読み方: シルバーアイ)
Style : Hazy IPA
ABV : 7.2%

Malt: Pilsner, Vienna, Spelt, Flaked oats, Flaked wheat
Kettle hop(s): —
Whirlpool hop(s): Citra (Incognito)
Dry-hop(s): Galaxy, Citra (cryo), Citra
Yeast : Verdant IPA
南半球にメジロみたいな鳥がいます。和名はハイムネメジロ、英語名はSilvereye… 結局目の色が名前の由来になってるのが面白いですね。
メジロと似た鳥の名前を使った理由はグリストとCitra Incognitoの使い方。色々と試している中で、Citra Incognitoは温度を高くしてもアロマの残りが良い傾向があると分かってきたため、今回は苦味を恐れずに高い温度で結構な量を入れました。個人的にはこのぐらいIncognitoのキャラクターがフレーバーに出てくると良いなと思ってます。そこに乗ってくるGalaxyのアロマとフレーバーが良い感じにオーストラリア。

We have released beers named after Japanese White-eye called literally Mejiro (Me=eye and Jiro (or shiro) =white). As I was about to add a hefty amount of Galaxy for dryhop, I found out that there was a very similar bird to Mejiro in Southern Hemisphere called Silvereye. Mejiro and Silvereye look almost exactly the same, but the color tones of their chest and eyes are slightly different. A perfect beer name…..
This batch is very similar to the original Mejiro we released in the summer 2021. As expalined above, the major difference between the previous batch is the dry-hop. Galaxy gave lemon like citrus and slight piney notes which complement the style very well (probably why it is often used in hazy IPAs…). Despite the abv and hazy appearance, it is not too sweet and retains high drinkability for the style.